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Finding Balance Between Lax Freelancers and Expensive Companies

If you are a product owner, and you have already developed an application, you will know the struggles of finding the right developers for your project.  And when I say struggles, I mean the constant hustle to make no mistakes. And if you are a product owner and you need to develop an application, then […]

WordPress: Selection to Execution. All That You Need to Know

If you are planning to build up your website, there are high chances that the name “WordPress” would have crossed your mind.  And why shouldn’t it?  WordPress is the most flexible and powerful content management system out there. It powers more than 30% of the total sites on the world wide web. It is a […]

Cut Your Development Cost to 1/3rd This Pandemic

It is only in sorrow bad weather master us; in joy we face the storm and defy it. -Amelia Barr (British Novelist) COVID 19 has ganged up with 2020 like the bully gang in all the teenage movies. You know what we are talking about.  The pandemic has affected millions of households and industries. The […]

COVID Impact: Global Talent Vs. Local Developer

COVID 19 has locked us inside of our houses like a person serving time, which hopefully many of still healthy are enjoying. Family time, face timing, having virtual frienaissance with our mates, ‘quarantinis’ (martinis with friends online), and whatnot. Looking from an individual level, I think that we’ll survive it, and we might be able […]

How Dedicated Resources Can 5X Your Productivity?

According to Fast Company, the #1 problem when scaling your development team, is to get new clients and at the same time, maintain the quality of deliverables.  This is so true. A project’s scope and the nature of deliverables can vary continuously, making it a challenge to expand your team accordingly.  I, with my dedicated […]