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A Comparison Between Dedicated Angular Developers & Freelancers

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Dedicated Angular JS Developers

  • Can avail the support of a full-fledged Angular js development team
  • Complete focus and attention to the project
  • Seamless knowledge transfer among Angular developers on the team
  • Developers in the same office can be managed and tracked easily
  • Constant communication via Account Managers
  • Affinity for the Angular project itself
  • Internal workshops on AngularJS (Knowledge updation and cross pollination)
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Strict NDA terms

Freelance Developers

  • Can’t avail the expertise of a dedicated Angular development team
  • Divided attention for the project (there are other projects to work on)
  • Leaky knowledge transfer in case you change your developer
  • Difficult to manage Angular developers spread across time zones or geographies
  • Communication is poor at times (no account managers)
  • More affinity for their portfolio than the project
  • Knowledge updation is discretionary (freelancers might be satisfied with their existing skills)
  • You get the point.

We Give You HID! Hire AngularJS Developers from a Pool of Resources

HID not only comprises of developers (Angular and others) but Scrum Masters, and QA specialists as well, to set up, scale, and manage your development team. If you want to hire Angular developers to work on a niche technology or manage your variable workload, then HID is tailor-made for you.

Hire Angular developers from 200+ developers to handle a niche technology

Optimize your budget by hiring our Agile Angular JS developers

Cut your costs
by 70%

Benefit from a development team that has completed 500+ projects

Scale quickly to manage your variable workload

Hire AngularJS developers who are certified scrum masters as your account managers

Hire a Angular Developer at $1400/Month

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Work-life of Our Dedicated Angular Developers

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Building Social & Interactive Apps

You get to hire from a pool of dedicated Angular programmers who has 10+ years of experience in building highly secured, and high performance Social & interactive apps.

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Building Custom Applications

Our Angular developers are well-versed with building robust custom web and mobile applications using the latest Angular web application development practices.

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Building Interactive Dashboards

You can hire our AngularJS developers to build highly interactive dashboards and apps for an immersive user experience.

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Building online Portals

Our AngularJS developers are adept at building state-of-the art online portals, for small scale to large scale businesses.

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Building E-Shops And Marketplaces

Our Angular programmers have handled big projects like building e-shops and marketplaces, and that too across the globe.

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Building Music & Video Streaming Apps

Music and video streaming apps need proper technical expertise. But that’s no point of worry; Our AngularJS developers have brilliantly delivered such apps for businesses of every scale.

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A Peek Into Our Multi-dimensional Competence



We ensure that there is complete transparency in:

  • Screening and selection
  • Development and reporting
  • Communication between clients and developers

Administrative Comfort

Our account managers take care of the administrative hassles like:

  • Payroll operations
  • Team setup
  • Employees’ retention

Expert Talent Pool

We have a huge pool of dedicated, agile resources including:

  • 150+ Angular developers
  • 50+ UI/UX Designers
  • 30+ Quality analysts

Knowledge Updation

We conduct 3 to 4 workshops in every quarter to:

  • Keep our Angular developers ahead of the curve
  • Help them learn about scalability and usability
  • Diffuse knowledge of senior developers among the team

Delivery Management

We maintain the quality of our delivery by:

  • Measuring our developers’ productivity metrics
  • Measuring our developers’ KPIs
  • Supporting clients with an individual program

Consulting Services

Our clients actively consult us on:

  • Product Scaling
  • Improving product’s usability
  • Capacity management

Hire a Angular Developer at $1400/Month

We Just Love the Vibe of Following Domains

  • Healthcare
    & Fitness

  •  E-Learning
    & Education

  • E-Commerce
    & Shopping

  • Sport
    & Recreation

  • Media
    & Entertainment

  • Banking
    & Finance

A 3-step Process Is Better Than a 5-step Process. Right?

You won’t be going through a barrage of questions. We use our experience, perception and awareness to quickly understand your intent and requirements.

Touching Base With Our Experts

Our experts get in touch with you to understand your goals, resource requirements, and team dynamics.

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Putting the Best Resource Forward

Within 24 hours, we will shortlist HID developers for you. You can conduct an interview and then hire angular developers you like.

Setting the Ball Rolling

Start working with your HID Angular developer on a trial basis, and hire the resource if everything works out well.

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Quotes From Great People

Searching Angularjs Developers for Hire? We Are Here to Help


Our projects are our portfolios! Our team is a cluster of client-centric professionals working diligently to see you reach incredible heights.

With joint efforts of 150+ developers, we got terrific opportunities to work with reputed organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Grey Group, Singapore.

We crave perfection, which is why we got nominated for the prestigious Cannes Lion Award. We aim to provide holistic growth creating a global impact and our strong value propositions, transparency, and the passion for the technology back us!

Hire AngularJS developers from us and surpass your limits, develop whatever you want an e-shop, video streaming app, or social apps, our AngularJS developers, are here for everything!

The ultimate aim is to skyrocket your brand. Our AngularJS programmers for hire have the right skill-set,experience, and a strong knowledge base.

We proudly share our stats - 1000+ projects completed with a whopping 98.7% success rate.

What more can we say?

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