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20 AngularJS Development Tools to Dominate 2021

Digital transformation has taken over the world for good. More and more companies are getting indulged in the online business to give their brands a competitive edge over their rivals.  With the wave of modernity, startups, and enterprises, or any other sized business, prefer to opt for high functionality frameworks to develop a powerful web […]

Coding Languages That Will be There in 2021!

The desire and need fluctuate and continue to change as the technology evolves from time to time! One major pillar of technology that manages to make it keep flourishing is none other than the programming languages.  There are many programming languages out there, of which the prominence and interest happen to change every year. So, […]

Move Your Live WordPress Site to a Local Server- the Ultimate Guide!

Developing a bang-on website is a significant part of climbing the success ladder in an entrepreneur’s life.  But you know what’s better?  It’s developing the same website in less time than expected! And how is that possible? By easing out the development process to boost its efficiency.  Therefore, developers all around the world prefer migrating […]

AngularJS Vs. ReactJS: Which Will Make Your Business Scale Quickly?

The sole aim of developing a tech-based product is to choose technologies that provide entrepreneurs with more than expected. But the question that arises here is, is it possible? Can technology deliver more than what they promise?  Well, there are quite some technologies that offer more than what is known to the entrepreneur. And two […]

What Makes NodeJS the Right Fit for Real-time App Development?

Doesn’t the idea of having an application sound fascinating? It certainly is! The trend of application development has taken over the world, such that almost every startup or enterprise is striving to have one! And then, as the era we live in has become more digitized by the passing time, application development is not just […]

Grow Your Business With the Best PHP Framework, Laravel!

PHP has been the talk of the tech-town for quite a long time now. It is relevant to say that PHP has consistently gained popularity since the time it was launched. In 1994, Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) binary coded in the C programming language.  Rasmus initially used PHP to […]

WordPress Site Into a Mobile App – Discover the Details

WordPress Site Into a Mobile App – Discover the Details Can you name anything that’s omnipresent other than god and nature?  Well, it’s there in your pocket.  It’s a mobile phone! Almost every person uses a mobile phone or a smartphone. And reaching all those people through their mobile phones would be immensely beneficial for […]