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Tour to The Turnaround By JavaScript in Server-Side Development

Brendon Eich introduced JavaScript as an intuitive scripting programming technology to manipulate the DOM of the Netscape Browser. At that time, JavaScript was primarily being utilized for Web Front-end development. We have already detailed the crucial information related to front-end JS frameworks, and now is the right time to look at JavaScript’s contribution in the […]

JavaScript in Front-end Development: The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Benefits

You can find JavaScript everywhere as one of the fundamental web development programming technologies along with CSS and HTML. This robust technology helps power an extensive fraction of 95 percent of websites available online. And since it’s partly the main reason for the addition of functionalities we have come to expect from advanced web sites. […]

JavaScript: Journey and Evolution In Web and App Development Over the Years

JavaScript is a top-level interpreted programming technology for web development. It started out as a straightforward scripting technology for front end web development. The simplicity, popularity, and acceptance of JavaScript app development, in general, has led to what is known as a skyrocket advancement. Today, JavaScript has stretched across full-stack web development, AI, game development, […]