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Pros and Cons of NodeJS Web App Development

Imagine visiting Netflix and waiting for it to load your suggestions just because millions of users are requesting before you. Only If there could be a way to run thousands of requests at once. Ever wondered how web applications like Uber, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Yahoo run globally without any delay or server instance, giving you […]

Easiest Tutorial To Dockering Your WordPress With Nginx

Setting up a new web host environment for your website is a painstaking nerve and trust me when I say, every entrepreneur and developer has been through that. Especially, if your business needs the isolated setup very often, it is time you familiarize yourself with the WordPress container technology. The best ever known container platform, […]

PHP Developers: The Backend Heroes We Need

We hardly remember people who operate behind the screens whenever we watch a movie but does it make sense not to praise someone who made filming the entire movie possible?  I often feel it’s unfair to the people who are responsible for the backend support while we only appreciate what’s in front of our eyes. […]

Angular 11: Get Hold of Latest Features and Newest Updates!

Angular has always been one of the most prominent technologies since the time of its launch. This web-development framework can make you achieve all your goals, from creating brilliant single-page applications to dynamic web apps.  AngularJS is an open-sourced web development framework that works on the front-end of any application. It simplifies the development and […]

Node.js: What Makes It Best From The Rest?

Developing a robust, dynamic, and scalable website is not a cakewalk. As a user, one can only see the attractive front-end of a website, which seems engaging and appealing. But did we ever think, what takes in making this flawless and feature-rich creation, how can technology be so responsive that with one click, we get […]

Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Best PHP Frameworks In 2021

PHP undoubtedly tops the chart of programming languages used in web development. Being an open-source, economic and easy development language, it is backed by a vast development community. Other than these benefits, PHP offers various frameworks that allow web developers to benefit from pre-set libraries consisting of themes, advanced securities, authorization, authentication, etc. However, many […]