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Cut Your Development Cost to 1/3rd This Pandemic

70% Less Development Cost

It is only in sorrow bad weather master us; in joy we face the storm and defy it. -Amelia Barr (British Novelist)

COVID 19 has ganged up with 2020 like the bully gang in all the teenage movies. You know what we are talking about. 

The pandemic has affected millions of households and industries. The industries that were once up and running have now come to the verge of losing it all.

But as the quote above mentioned, it’s the heart that matters, it is that one moment of courage that changes your life forever. 

This is especially applicable in the lives of entrepreneurs because, for them, there is no stopping. 

The digital world is ever-growing, and it doesn’t stop, that’s the best thing about it.

If you need to develop an application even during this lockdown, you can work smart and conquer all your goals.

We understand it might seem too challenging to do, since you have been quarantined for more than a month now, and there would definitely be budget constraints.

So we have come up with the best plan that will give you a good push to continue developing your application by hiring independent developers.

It would especially fit your budget if you choose to hire independent developers from India since they are equally efficient, and the difference in currency value would be an add on, the resources from India are skilled, experienced, efficient, and affordable. Bonus!

Let’s find more about how you can save up to one-third of your expenditure:

Hire from an Indian Organisation:

Hire from an India

This time may be the best time to complete all your application development-related work. 

Before the pandemic you might have a great idea in mind, but were too busy juggling between everyday tasks or work and home. Now your home is your workspace, you are saving so much time, which you can use to strategize and implement and even improvise the application until the lockdown gets over.

However, to get to your goal, you need to turn towards a trustable developer who can create your application from scratch or is capable enough of working on your existing technology. 

Your application needs to be scalable, adaptive, and smooth; you can make no compromises with your project.

But spending a hefty amount on developers during lockdown could be an area of concern for a lot of product owners.

Many questions may pop up in your mind:

  • Will the developer be the right fit for my project?
  • Will I be able to pull this off?
  • Will I get a reliable and skilled developer? 
  • And the biggest question,

All the questions have just a short, very short answer. 

Yes, it is the best time to develop your application since your days are going fallow, and this could easily fit your budget if you hire a developer from India.

What benefits will you get if you hire from India?

Everyone is in lockdown, and is falling short of money, if you decide to hire a developer from maybe the US or the UK, they will work exactly the same as an Indian developer and charge you more. Since the value of their currency is higher in comparison to the Indian rupee, they would charge you accordingly.

However, what is enough for an Indian developer might be conveniently affordable for you. 

There are thousands of Indian developers who have significant experience, knowledge skills, and who have worked on 500+ projects till now. 

They have been working all this while remotely, so you won’t have to worry about providing resources to them because they have taken care of it. 

You just have to hire the right developer and start your work.

What should you look for in a developer?

There are somethings you need to give close attention to before you hire a developer:

  • S/he should have expertise in the technology your product requires.
  • The developer must have completed at least 200+ projects.
  • The developer must have 5+ years of experience with the technology.
  • S/he must be able to work remotely.
  • The developer must understand your requirements and expectations.

I would recommend you hire a developer from a company that is trustable and reliable. It is always better to hire an independent developer from a company that holds a good market reputation.

Ask your other entrepreneur friends which organization has gained their trust, or maybe search the web or look for reviews on google. 

Hiring from an Indian company would give you a lot of benefits that you would have only imagined before, they would be:

1- Reliable:


Since it is a company that has branched out to provide independent developers, they would not put their reputation in jeopardy to gain little benefits. Their topmost priority would be you since as you need to stay in the market, they aim the same.

You can say goodbye to your fears since cheating you would cause them more harm than it will cost you.

2- Confidentiality:

Opt to hire from a company that complies with the NDA guidelines. The strict guidelines leave no scope for any company to ever, even by mistake, get your idea out in the market (before launching, obviously). Any reputed company would sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you before heading on with the work and providing you with an independent developer.

I will repeat it; they can not jeopardize their market reputation on a petty thing. Thus, your project is equally important to them as it is to you. 

3- Their developers, your control:

If a company enjoys an excellent reputation, it is apparent that they have taken measures to reach there. This also applies to a company that provides you with independent developers. So when you hire a developer from a reputed company, you can leave all your doubts behind.

A reputed company would only provide you the most refined developers. They will be skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative.  

A good outsourcing company would guarantee that you get an expert who has all of the qualities I mentioned above.

Now any developer would claim to have everything that I mentioned above, but every developer won’t fit your budget.

That is only possible with Indian developers. If you hire an Indian developer, you would definitely save money. Maybe even more than you imagined.

So stop stressing yourself out, and check out your options.