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6 Best ReactJS Libraries And Frameworks for 2021

react ui component libraries

While entering their foot in the digital world, entrepreneurs have to focus on a variety of aspects. It is super crucial for any business owner to launch their project in the right way, and to do that, even the factor considered to be of the slightest value should be put in perspective. 

However, no matter how many small things an entrepreneur considers, one thing that forms the base of any application is the combination of technologies it is built on. 

Most companies prefer to hire ReactJS developers to create dynamic and super-efficient technologies with excellent UI components. 

In this write-up, we will discuss some of the most remarkable React UI component frameworks and reactjs libraries that have rocked the global technology market. 

Before starting with it, let’s throw some light on What is ReactJS? 

ReactJS is an open-sourced JavaScript-based library that facilitates the development of applications with impressive user interfaces and other UI components. It can conveniently combine with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks. It contains small, standalone bits of code known as components. 

The greatest thing about these components is that they are modular without comparing many app-specific dependencies. This implies that these components can be reused to build brilliant applications and interfaces quickly.  

What’s more? By using Bit, these components become shareable with other React enthusiasts as well. 

What are the most excellent UI components libraries to use in 2021?

React UI Component Libraries

The UI-library we are talking about is one of the most used design-systems to develop enterprise-level applications. The technology is based on the Ant Design project; it also contains a rich set of high-quality elements and demos to create interactive and rich User interfaces. 

The components support various robust languages as well.

You can also customize these components as per your design specifications. The style language used by Ant Design is Less.js, and the technology’s features include icons, buttons, grids, dropdown menus, breadcrumb, pagination, and more. 

The project enjoys a good reputation with almost 60,000 stars on Github. 

Google’s material design inspires material Kit React. It is built with a set of elements that considers consistency to be the critical feature. This way, your web project can become entirely similar in functions and appearance- from top to bottom. 

The layout of the Material Kit React resembles that of multiple layers of sheets. This provides order and depth to the entire structure. Three example pages are included in the project. These pages illustrate the kit’s possibilities and work as templates that allow your developer to substitute images and text of your own choice. All you have to do in such cases is hire independent developers to make effective use of the kit. 

This kit also has multiple essential elements, including badges, buttons, sliders, pagination, menu, navigation bars, pills, and tabs. Using this, you can customize the style, colors, and size of your elements. The JavaScript elements in the kit include tooltips, carousels, Modals, date-time picker, and popovers. 

The React Admin library is used best to create B2B admin applications over the REST/GraphQL API and customized in terms of designs. It is developed alongside some renowned projects in addition to React, such as React Router, Material UI, React Final Forms, and Redux. 

The best thing about it is its components or the fact that it has a free version and the availability of an enterprise solution. This enterprise solution offers professional support of Marmelab (the pioneers) and access to the private modules. 

The library shines 12,000 stars on Github and is actively maintained by a robust community of developers. 

Material-UI is one of the most famous component libraries for React-UI. Many companies prefer to hire dedicated full stack developers to make optimal use of the impeccable library that boasts 55,000 Github stars. 

The components use Google’s material designs; however, still, the components rely on React. 

If the concept is not clear to you- Material design is inspired by the physical world and textures. However, it maintains the actual UI at the most minimal value possible. 

It also offers various useful components, such as autocomplete, app bars, badges, cards, buttons, icons, dialog boxes, sliders, menus, and more. Moreover, the library can also render the themes and plugins built for React, so you can customize your website’s themes as per your liking. 

Next up amongst the list of popular react libraries is React Bootstrap! It is a robust UI kit that retains the core Bootstrap. It replaces the bootstrap javascript with React to provide you with better control over each function and form of a component. Each component is built to become easily accessible, which is crucial for the building of the framework at the front-end. 

And since Bootstrap sticks to the origin of it, developers get access to an array of Bootstrap themes that are readily available to be used! React Bootstrap has also managed to earn more than 14,500 stars on Github. 

Semantic UI can be easily integrated with Angular, Meteor, React, Ember, and many other brilliant technologies. It is a top choice when it comes to choosing a framework that use user-friendly HTML for development. All of the jQuery functionalities are re-implemented to React. 

The technology allows a developer to load any Semantic UI CSS themes over your existing Semantic UI React application. 

Moreover, if you use Semantic UI React, you will get total access to the markup, implying better component customization flexibility. 

It currently flaunts 11,000 stars on Github. 


All these libraries and frameworks can ensure you develop your project in a way that is all efficient, budget-friendly, less time consuming, and capable of delivering a high-quality product at the end. 

ReactJS has always been popular when it comes to developing dynamic and likable applications. Maybe that is the reason why big companies such as Netflix, Yahoo, and Facebook have included ReactJSinto in their tech stacks.

If your aim is to touch every milestone you have set your mind on, the best step to take would be to hire ReactJS developers and start coding your application in any of the many frameworks and libraries mentioned above. They optimize the development process while minimizing efforts.