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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Business Website

WordPress Plugins for Business Website

As a millennial, it is impossible for you to not have heard of WordPress; the website creating platform is so famous that even kids attending college are aware of it, let alone tech-heads. 

The incredible CMS (Content Management System) known as WordPress was launched in 2003. CMS has continually been gaining massive popularity as one of the most promising CMS to date. 

You know there’s a saying about WordPress that goes like- “With WordPress, nothing can ever go wrong.” 

Trust us on this; most companies prefer to hire WordPress programmers since it is possible to avoid all risks and hazards while developing their business websites on the platform. 

Not just that, the CMS is also super flexible and powerful; it backs almost 35% of the total active websites present on the internet, which accounts for around 455 million websites. 

These statistics are so massive that they beat almost every other CMS present currently. 

Therefore, looking at the numbers, it is clear that WordPress is one of the most preferred CMS globally. Thus the surge in demand for WordPress websites is also understandable and, to be honest, predictable (considering its qualities). 

Currently, every business owner is either planning to develop a website on WordPress or already has one. Be it whatever it may; every entrepreneur desires to stand out in the competition by increasing their website’s functionalities.

Since there are 455 million websites using WordPress, the most crucial thing for you to do right now is to make amends to reach the greatest height possible. Therefore, one should always aim to achieve something unique and fresh on their website that only they have.

And what will help you level up your business? Nothing other than fantastic WordPress plugins for business.

What are WordPress plugins?

The best definition of WordPress plugins calls them apps that facilitate the integration of new features into business owners’ already existing websites. In simpler words, these plugins do exactly what applications do to your smartphones.

However, adding and using these plugins on your website is not as easy as it seems. You can not compare it with an app that functions flawlessly on your mobile phones. To download the right WordPress plugins, one must have a firm knowledge of the CMS as well as your requirements. Once you have made an informed decision, it is easy to download the perfect plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins Features

The most popular WordPress plugins for business: 

We carefully picked some of the best concerned WordPress plugins for business. You can make your choice based on your requirements from your website. 

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Here are the top picks: 

  • WP Forms Plugin:

WpForms WordPress Plugins

Every business owner aims to form a connection with their users. Therefore, communication is crucial. If your aim is similar, then contact forms are what you need. They allow your users to initiate a conversation and hop on board in the user-business journey. 

WP Forms is one of the most liked and appreciated plugins that provide website owners with brilliant features such as adding contact forms into their websites.

It is a simple ‘drag and drop’ form builder that can integrate features such as payment forms, survey polls, contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, and many others in just a few clicks.

If you don’t wish to choose the given plugin you can also check out the alternative known as Formidable Forms. They are popular for creating solution-focused WordPress forms. 

  • OptinMonster Plugin:

OptinMonster Plugin

Wish to gain email subscribers rapidly? Here is OptinMaster, one of the most popular WordPress plugins that can help you achieve that. It is the most preferred conversion rate optimization tool that converts visitors’ abandonment of a website into your email subscribers. 

It is integrated with a pre-built, high-converting opt-in form, easily customized using drag and drop when you hire independent developers.

OptinMonster offers a robust set of features that allows a developer to create campaigns customized for each user. Thus, it is possible to display your users precisely the content they wish to see.

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  • Yoast SEO Plugin:

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugins

WordPress is all about SEO- this fact is known worldwide. But have you ever encountered the saying- “the more, the merrier?” This is the motto of Yoast SEO

It is one of the best WordPress plugins that many WordPress developers use to enhance their website’s ranking through SEO practices. It offers comprehensive solutions and multiple features and tools to increase the on-page SEO of your website and provide a higher search engine ranking. 

Although Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins for eCommerce, there may be chances if you wish something else for yourself. In that case, you can use the  All in One SEO plugin. 

  • G Suite Plugin:

f suit WordPress plugins

G Suit is a suite of web applications developed by Google. You can integrate it in any website made on WordPress, and it will provide it an edge over the competition at a better cost. 

These web apps are an amalgamation of version apps such as emails, docs, spreadsheets, etc. (simply everything required in an office). 

It is liked worldwide since it’s all affordable, easy, and smooth in deployment. 

The plugin is also a supersaver as the website owner can cut a lot of costs required in software licensing, manage the backup, the hardware cost, etc. 

Hence the only cost one has to invest in is finding and hiring WordPress programmers most suited for the project. Which, in our opinion, is more of an investment than an expense.

An alternative to G Suit is Microsoft Office 365. 

  • LiveChat Plugin:

LiveChat Plugin:

The most incredible way to ace entrepreneurs’ race is to make sure their users feel connected to them and form a bond with an organization. If your user is emotionally attached to your brand, then there’s no chance s/he will abandon you. To provide the human touch to your website, you can integrate the “LiveChat” feature into it. 

The tool is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and has been used widely to increase many websites’ customer base. It is so easy to integrate that all it requires is a few clicks. 

The tool also offers many customizable options. Thus it’ll fit right with all your requirements. Also, it functions perfectly on all screen sizes. Therefore, your mobile website can quickly provide real-time support using the Live Chat tool. 

This tool is integratable in existing software for support or email marketing, customer relationship software, and other user-building platforms.

This plugin is not just super fast; it also provides a remarkable user experience. 

A great alternative for the Live Chat plugin is the Sendinblue chat that lets the website owner connect SMS, CRM chat, Facebook and email together in one platform.

  • Constant Contact Plugin:

Constant Contact WordPress Plugin

One of the best tools a business owner can use to maintain communication with her/his beloved users is email. It’s efficient and reliable since it allows you to stay connected to your users even if they have left your website. 

Constant Contact is considered one of the most excellent WordPress plugins for businesses out there on the web. 

The platform allows you to create an email list and send out aesthetically pleasing newsletters to your subscribers. 

What’s more? Setting it up does not require core technical knowledge. It also works perfectly with top WordPress plugins like WPForms and OptinMonster. 

If you wish to look for an alternative, you can consider Convertkit and Sendinblue more advanced but highly-priced. 

  • MemberPress Plugin:

MemberPress Plugin:

MemberPress is another excellent WordPress plugin that can create digital communities, membership sites, and online courses via WordPress. Allows you to create subscriptions and restrict content access based on the same. 

It complies with almost all of the payment solutions and online stores using WooCommerce. 

Member offers various incredible features such as course management (LMS), drip content, robust access rules, automation features, etc. 

You can connect MemberPress with any of your email marketing platforms for accessible communication with users. 

  • WP Rocket: 


WP Rocket is considered the best WordPress caching plugin in the market. It can instantly improve the speed of your website and performance. And it gets the bonus points for not requiring technical skills. 

The plugin automatically turns out recommended WordPress caching settings, including page cache, gzip compression, and cache preloading. You can also turn in optional features like CDN Support, lazy loading images, minification, DNS prefetching, and improve the page load time. 

What’s better is that the plugin does not wait for the website owner to request a page for saving it in the cache. It automatically crawls to build the website cache giving the tidal performance an instant boost.

The plugin also provides imagify, optimising images in your website for free; this further boosts site performance. 

WP Rocket is proven to be the beginner-friendly and easiest caching plugin. The only drawback is that it’s paid. 

If you wish to find a free plugin, you can go for WP Super Cache, but you must note that it;’s not very powerful. 

  • Sucuri:

Sucuri WordPress Plugins

The top priority of every entrepreneur in the market should be making sure their user data is never breached. This not just maintains user trust in you but also contributes to your market repo. 

Sucuri is a WordPress security plugin and a web application fireball that is great protection you can provide your website. 

It allows you to protect your website against malware threats, XSS attacks, DDoS, brute force attacks, and majorly every other possible breach. 

The plugin blocks thousands of attacks daily on WPbeginners. 

  • SEMRush:

SEMrush WordPress Plugins

SEMRush is one of the all-in-one and best WordPress plugins for business owners and digital marketing professionals. It offers various powerful tools that help you improve your PR and content strategy, social media, SEO, and paid traffic strategy. 

With this awesome plugin, you can get a competitive edge over your competitors to outrank them in the market and become the alpha of your industry. 

Tools can be used to perform keyword research, track brand mentions, audit backlinks, find out the top-performing pages. . 

If you are searching for the best WordPress plugin for eCommerce or any other genre, there’s nothing better than SEMRush. It is not a tool you can add but a tool your website needs. 


Every WordPress website deserves to enjoy the incredible benefits offered by all the plugins mentioned above. And to be honest, these plugins have proven to be a game-changer for many websites before as well. So,it’s relevant to think that they will turn your fate around.

If you think it through, the competition all WordPress websites are in is cutthroat. Therefore, only the best of all will shine. However, to create “the best” website with the proper functionalities and modifications, it becomes super important for you to hire WordPress programmers who can bring to you what you aspire through the right skill set and knowledge base.