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Finding Balance Between Lax Freelancers and Expensive Companies


If you are a product owner, and you have already developed an application, you will know the struggles of finding the right developers for your project. 

And when I say struggles, I mean the constant hustle to make no mistakes.

And if you are a product owner and you need to develop an application, then this article is essential for you. 

Let’s take the example of a startup; a startup is an organization that has fresh ideas but a limited budget. 

They need to develop an application that fits well in their budget but also works flawlessly for their users.

When we think of hiring someone to develop our application, we only think of two option:

Option 1, to hire a freelancer who has been working on the needed technology.


Option 2, to take the app idea to an application development company, which has a cluster of experts to work for you on your project.

However, there’s one more option, which is better than both the above-presented options. But, we’ll discuss it at the end. 

Now, both options have their own benefits and limitations. And it is crucial to understand them before you make a choice. Since once you hire someone for your project, you are, in a way, serving your fate to them. So better, be careful.

Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelancer or a company.

Let’s start with FREELANCERS:

Freelancers are individuals who are self-employed and work on a per-project basis. They’re not in it for a long time.

Some advantages of hiring a Freelancer:

advantages of hiring a Freelancer

  • Fits in your budget:

Hiring a freelancer is always cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. You will not have to pay them every month. Another factor that contributes to their more affordable rates is that the freelancer economy is very competitive, and to stay ahead, they have to offer their services at prices better than others. So you can easily find someone to work on your project without paying a hefty amount of money.

Another area where you save up costs is health benefits. The freelancer would be working for you on a per-project basis, which could be short term hence s/he doesn’t qualify for any health benefits, a regular employee would be getting. 

  • More work, faster:

Freelancers work project by project. So for them, time is money. They would always want to get over with your work and move to another project. 

This can end up in only two ways, either a freelancer would deliver a high-quality project in a short time, or to get over with it faster, s/he can provide an unpolished project to you.

However, the chances of the latter happening are comparatively low, since freelancers need to earn their second project too and they can only get money from the reputation they build.

  • Work remotely:

If you hire a freelancer for your project, you need not worry about providing her/him with your workspace or with technology. Most freelancers work remotely and rely on their own technology and workspace.

So they won’t add up to your office crowd, leaving you enough space to work and maybe hire more people.

  • No Location Limitations: 

Since most of the freelancers work remotely, you will not have to specify your search to a set geographical location. You can find the right developer for yourself from anywhere around the world. 

Just imagine billions of people to choose from. You just have to hire the right person and assign them the task; everything else is her/his headache. 

Freelancers allow you to explore your options.

However, they’re not always the best choice. 

Some significant disadvantages that come with freelancers are:

  • Money Oriented:

Freelancers only work on a per-project basis because they are loyal to whatever makes their pockets heavy. If you are expecting that a freelancer would work on just your project and nothing else, then you are mistaken, my friend. 

A freelancer will go the way; money takes her/him. This can drastically affect the quality of your project since they would quickly want to move on to the next one.

  • Huge Risk:

Hiring a freelancer is a considerable risk. The only criteria for you to judge them is their resume and portfolio. And it’s a fact that people only show their best works in their portfolio.

So judging someone based on what they tell you about themselves is not that smart, isn’t it?

  • Minimal control:

Freelancers work as they like. They are working for your project, not for you. 

As in, apart from the contract they have signed, you will have minimal control over them. 

They work at their own pace; however, you will receive your project in the given time frame, but the pace depends on them. The end could be just fine, but the journey can be very frustrating while working with a freelancer.

Another con of hiring a freelancer is the fact that you will need to pay them more if you want changes or add ons in the very project they handled.

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That was option 1. Let’s now move on to option 2. 



Another option that you have is to hire a company to handle your application development project. 

A web or mobile app development company could be an excellent option for a dynamic app, depending on what your needs are. Let’s dig in and find out what benefits and cons come with hiring a company.


  • Technical expertise:

We need not elaborate on it, but we will. A company would have a cluster of the best possible professionals working for them, and if they work for your project, it can reach new heights. It is quite apparent that a company will only choose the best of the employees for itself. 

They will only have professionals who are capable, knowledgeable, experts, experienced, and refined. 

And all these professionals will be working for you on your project. 

How amazing would it be? 

And there’s no risk of getting cheated since the aim of the company you hire, and your purpose is pretty much the same. And that is to stay in the market. 

A good company would never jeopardize their reputation for petty reasons. 

Most companies sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before starting the work on your project. This ensures that your idea doesn’t go out in the market before its launch.

  • Time maximization:

An app development company would be highly efficient in what they do. They will give full attention to just your project. And time is the most precious commodity in an entrepreneur’s life. If you save up time, you can utilize it to market your product better. 

Letting a company build up your project will ensure that your application would be perfect, since that’s what they promise, and their experience and expertise leave no scope for doubts.

So you can just leave the development work to them and give more of your time to plan the market stage better. 

However, not everything that shines is gold.

A company may have it all, but some unavoidable cons come with it:

  • Expensive:

A company would charge you much more than what a freelancer would. It is not like only one developer would be working on your project; a full-fledged team would be giving all their time and resources to your project, so charging more is definite.

A company working on your application could result in you spending more than you expected. 

  • Low control in the development process:

You can be a part of the whole development process, but it can not always go according to you. The app development company would make sure you are constantly updated about each application phase, but all your suggestions and ideas may not always be entertained.

Now you know all the pros and cons that both your options offer.

But what if I tell you there’s an option 3. Which is just impossible to ignore. One that gives you maximum benefits and has almost no limitation. Go up and read all the advantages of both the options and then come back! Option 3 will give you all of that!

We have found that choice you can make with your eyes closed.

The best way to obtain all the benefits and avoid all the disadvantages are Independent developers. Not just independent developers but professionals provided by a well reputed company like @Hestabit.

By hiring these independent developers from a portal like hireindependentdevelopers, you will obtain just benefits like:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comply with strict NDA Terms
  • Expert and experienced certified developers
  • A better time to market
  • Dedication towards your project
  • Maintenance and support throughout and even after the project competition.
  • Transparency
  • Proper communication
  • Immediate availability

“Professionalism: It’s NOT the job you DO, It’s HOW you DO the job.”

Independent developers provided by HID go by the motto above. 

So with HID, your journey and destination will be equally beautiful.

No frustration, only significant results.