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Full-time Employees Too Costly? We Have a Solution!

Intensify Your Potential

An entrepreneur has to have it all— brains, hard work, quick decision making, and analyzing skills.

You can not make it to the top if you lack any of those. 

But the most crucial factor that decides whether you achieve the milestone or not, is how smart you work.

Smart work can be that extra quality fuel in your engine tank. 

Working hard is better when you have managed your time, resources, and mind to work synchronously, only with this strategy will you be able to generate even higher outputs.

So I have decided to help you with working smarter because I am pretty sure you are already working hard.

Every business now has to be on the internet. If you wish to stay in the market, get on the web! 

But if you are an entrepreneur– budding or established, your main concern would be to save up cost. Which is difficult when you need to develop the most amazing application. 

However, developing a dynamic application is not a cakewalk. One wrong element and all your hard work and investment can go down the drain.

So what has to be done?

We have a fantastic idea!

Product owners mostly focus on hiring full-time employees to develop their application. 

However, it is not at all pocket friendly; on the other hand, there are independent developers with the same skill set (or even better), same experience, same efficiency, and same professionalism. These developers can be hired on a per-project basis, so you only pay them when you need them.

How easy is that?

So, we have drawn a comparison between full-time employees and independent developers.

Let’s see which one is the smart choice:

Full-Time Employees:

Full- time employees are the individuals who you hire solely to work for your company on a monthly payment basis. I think it is pretty clear that all of us know who full-time employees are, so let’s move further.

Companies prefer full-time employees, mainly for these reasons:

  • They work solely for just one organization
  • You can rely on them since they are answerable to you.
  • You don’t have to spend time training new staff with each project continually.

This might seem convenient, but it is not how it looks. 

There are some significant drawbacks of hiring a full- time employee.

Allow me to throw some light on them:

Employee Work

Expect benefits:

Since they are giving their all to you, they expect you to offer much more than just paying every month. 

If you hire a full-time employee, you would be liable to provide them with benefits like holidays, sick- leaves, commutation reimbursement, and health benefits.

To hire a full-time employee to develop your application, you would have to be capable enough to provide all the benefits that I have mentioned above. 

It is not just something that you have to do; it is what builds the reputation of your organization.

Salaries are a must:

You are bound to pay the salaries of every single employee, even if you are not generating revenues.

Suppose, a month has gone fallow for your organization, and your employees had very little to no work to do. Does that give you the privilege of not paying them? I don’t think so.

You would at all cost have to pay them the salaries you promised. It would not matter to them if you could not generate revenues, they are working on a monthly payment basis, and they would need their pay as soon as the month ends.


If you hire a full-time employee, they become your company’s commodity. You are responsible for every training they go through. 

In business, time is the most precious commodity; hence you would have to spend that precious commodity on your employee for them to work better. And if you hire someone with minimum experience, then maybe you would have to invest more of your time in training them.

It is not just hectic but can cause a significant decline in the pace of your application development.

However, if you hire an independent developer, you would not have to worry about any of the cons that are presented above.

An independent developer comes with just the greatest of benefits and almost no drawbacks. 

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Independent developers:

Independent developer

Independent developers are professionals associated with a company; they will work for you on your project until it is launched. Not just that, they will guide you through the maintenance process too.

Let’s look into some benefits you can obtain by hiring an independent developer:

No long-term commitment:

Independent developers work on a per-project basis, so you only pay them when you need them. 

Hire them as per your needs. It’s your choice if you hire them to work on one project or ten. They work according to your needs. So if you currently have no project, then you currently have no one to pay. 

Another plus point of hiring an independent developer is hidden in the fact that they are not associated with you for a long time. Since they are not your permanent employees, you are not liable to provide them with any benefits.

Highly experienced and skilled:

Individual developers come with a great skill set; they are professionals with relevant experience with the technology you are building your application with. 

And they don’t work on an hourly basis; they are fully dedicated to your project. So you have nothing to worry about. You can rely on them for all your project-related needs, and they’ll be by your side throughout.

No training required:

Independent developers are skilled experts who are experienced with the technologies they deal with. If you decide to hire an independent developer, you will not have to put in any effort or time to train them because they are already trained to develop your product. Not just trained, they have developed products similar to yours in the past as well.

Work remotely:

Independent developers work on their own. They are not dependent on you to provide them with infrastructure or resources to move ahead with their work. They are capable enough of developing your product from scratch with their work experience, professionalism, knowledge, and skills.

Scales of productivity

Lastly, if you hire a dedicated developer from a reputable company, you can save up the cost too. 

Simply, they are a full package.

Make the smart choice and choose what gives you the most benefits. Don’t fall prey to normalcy, think out of the box and develop a product that is unique, lovable, and affordable. 

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