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How Dedicated Resources Can 5X Your Productivity?

How Dedicated Resources Can 5X Your Productivity?

According to Fast Company, the #1 problem when scaling your development team, is to get new clients and at the same time, maintain the quality of deliverables. 

This is so true. A project’s scope and the nature of deliverables can vary continuously, making it a challenge to expand your team accordingly. 

I, with my dedicated team recently worked with a US-based company. Yes, we did help them overcome the above-mentioned challenge, but we did something more.

  • Our dedicated developers increased their productivity (reducing the ‘Time to Market’)
  • We helped them cut down their development cost by a whopping 73%!

Now, you may say that ‘Outsourcing’ by its very definition, is bound to cut down the development cost. That’s the primary reason why anyone goes for outsourcing. Right? 

Yes, but still 38% of our clients were initially skeptical about outsourcing. Although, once they hired our dedicated developers, starting at $1200/month, we were able to cut down their cost to 1/4th of what they pay in the US.

Generally, companies are skeptical about outsourcing, as the time zone difference results in a limited overlap of working hours. So productivity is their concern.

They are also skeptical about the hiring process of dedicated developers. So trust is their concern too. 

So far, we have been able to address both these concerns for our 500+ clients. They trust us because we have a transparent and quick (3-step) hiring process.

  • Our experts get in touch with clients to understand their goals, resource requirements, and team dynamics.
  • Based on the client’s requirements, within 24 hours, we shortlist resumes of resources and forward them to our client. The client does the final screening to choose the best-suited developers.
  • Our client starts working with our dedicated resources on a trial basis (7-days free trial), and hires the resource if everything works out well.

Therefore, the hiring time is minimal, and more importantly the hiring cost is ZERO.

Now, let’s come to the concern regarding productivity.

I agree that productivity decreases a bit due to differences in time zones. But I feel if we can enhance the quality of communication between clients and dedicated resources, then we can make up for it.

Product development slows down due to communication gaps among the development team. We have filled this lacuna as our clients can have direct communication with our dedicated resources on a daily basis; be it full-stack developers, UI/UX designers or Quality Analysts.

Therefore, there is no scope of any communication gap and the technical glitches get sorted quickly. 

Productivity is also hampered when you have developers who are a jack of all trades and master of none. You need experts who can work on niche technologies like React Native if you want to reduce your ‘Time to Market’.

We, for instance, provide a pool of 150+ dedicated developers, who have a stronghold on technologies like React Native, Vue, Laravel, etc.

Administrative hassles also tie up a lot of organizations that maintain an in-house team, thereby affecting their productivity. So if you hire dedicated resources, then all the administrative tasks like payroll operations and team setup can be managed by your outsourcing partner. This is something we have done for our clients all these years.

Therefore, you can deal with your core responsibilities and collaborate with your dedicated team in the same way you do with your in-house developers.

There is enough data to prove that businesses are getting over their apprehensions on outsourcing.

According to the survey of Clutch:

  • 37% of small businesses outsourced their business processes in 2019, whereas 52% are planning to do so in 2020.
  • 78% of businesses globally feel satisfied with their outsourcing partners.
  • 24% of businesses outsource the services to increase work efficiency and 18% to receive expert assistance.

According to Statista, the global business process outsourcing market is expected to reach $220 billion by 2020.

I am really satisfied with the fact that being an outsourcing partner, we have checked all the boxes. 

With the efforts of our 150+ dedicated developers, we have been able to work with clients like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Grey Group Singapore and have got nominated for some of the most prestigious awards like Cannes Lions.

With a lot of passion, a strong value proposition, and transparency we strive to create an impact on a global scale. Holistic growth with sustainable delivery models is what has propelled us to a more than 100% YOY growth in recent years.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Needless to mention, you can shoot your queries to me anytime.