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Grow Your Business With the Best PHP Framework, Laravel!

Leverage your business with Laravel

PHP has been the talk of the tech-town for quite a long time now. It is relevant to say that PHP has consistently gained popularity since the time it was launched. In 1994, Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) binary coded in the C programming language. 

Rasmus initially used PHP to track the visits to his resume, which is why PHP stood for “Personal Home Page,” commonly known as “PHP Tools.” 

However, while times became more advanced, the need for better functionality arose, which is why he rewrote PHP Tools, providing a vast and rich implementation. 

This “new” model of PHP was capable of performing database interactions and higher levels of development. It also provided several frameworks, using which developers could develop a dynamic web application in simple ways. 

Since then, many developers swaying away in the wind of technology have taken the shelter of PHP. The time since PHP was launched has seen a significant rise in the numbers of skilled PHP developers

The language became so popular in such a short time that many developers made a significant shift from the technologies they were using to PHP, and those who didn’t were planning to. 

In 2020, the data report shared by W3Tech suggests that PHP backs around 79% of the total active websites on the internet. 

Although the number of sites built in PHP would be massive, there are some popular brands you must have heard of. They include Facebook, WordPress, Yahoo, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Flickr, and many more.

Why PHP is Popular?

The popularity of PHP enjoys, owe a lot to the variety of frameworks it offers. As mentioned above, the frameworks provide an easy and secure way to quickly develop a website with the power of PHP, backing it up. 

Although PHP offers many frameworks, the most popular one, vastly used by millions of developers, is the laravel framework. 

In this article, we’ll inflict upon the powerful capabilities laravel, the PHP framework holds.

But before that, let’s get a more in-depth insight into what actually are PHP frameworks

PHP Frameworks:

PHP has gained massive popularity among the community for many reasons, including flexibility and ease of use. However, developers coding in PHP tends to catch the monotonous and repetitive way. This is where PHP frameworks come to the rescue.

These frameworks structuralize the development of applications coded in PHP. 

In simpler words, PHP frameworks boost the process of web application development, saving a lot of time while developing stable applications. The efficiency is increased since all these best PHP frameworks allow the reuse of codes at the developers’ end. 

PHP frameworks also allow a novice developer to build a dynamic app by maintaining the flow of interaction between the database and other app components, as well as the presentation layer coding required.

This permits the developer to cut down on the development time invested in coding and put it in creating the actual application. 

Since PHP frameworks are so vastly used and appreciated, it is a must to tell you which one, in our opinion, is “master of all trades.” The one that does it all is Laravel, PHP Framework.

What is the Laravel Framework?

Laravel PHP Framework

The famous Laravel framework in PHP is an open-source framework developed by Tyler Otwell in 2011. The framework aimed at facilitating web app development through the support of Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and using Symfony. 

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Some of the features offered by Laravel are: 

  1. Modular packaging system
  2. Dependency manager
  3. Various ways of communicating to the databases
  4. Features to boost application deployment
  5. Better Maintenance 
  6. Inclination towards syntactic sugar 

Advantages of Laravel PHP Framework:

There is no doubt in the fact that Laravel provides a load of benefits to drown your website in. These pros are what make the developers keep coming back to Laravel. 

Some of the many benefits Laravel offers are:

  • Convenient integration with mail services
  • Offers tools for rapid web application
  • Provides a shield against common technical vulnerabilities 
  • Built-in configuration for exception and error handling 
  • Optimal automation work
  • Segregates the components of business logic code from those of the presentation code
  • It provides queue service which offers a unified API across numerous queue backends

When we think of the Laravel framework in PHP, the first thing that comes to our mind is this is the future of technology; this one framework is capable enough to support the efficient development of your PHP application.

However, it is vital for you to hire Laravel programmers if you wish to develop a top-notch application with each feature optimized to its maximum. 

Is Laravel the Future of PHP?

There are many significant reasons to support the statement; however, the three topmost aspects backing our claim are: 

It is voted “the best”:


It is voted "the best"

The Laravel framework has continually been one of the leading technologies. Looking at the current PHP market, it is clear that laravel holds a reputable position in the market and outshines its competitors.

The developer’s community clearly exhibits the “likeness” towards laravel, thanks to its ability to provide applications with simplicity and conciseness. This community is responsible for constantly updating and improving the framework through crafty documentation that persuades other developers to join the community. 

The market position retained by Laravel has made it a leader in the web app framework’s list. Laravel has made its way in the IT industry at such a high position that the companies prefer using the framework for app development. 

Laravel framework provides an easy way to code a complex web application, thanks to the MVC architecture it holds. 

Moreover, once a developer crafts the website, the code is nothing short of perfection as the web development is quicker, and the code is clean as well. Therefore the app remains efficient in performance. 

In short, Laravel gives your website versatility and quality. 

The technical side of Laravel: 

Technical side of Laravel

In terms of web app development, Laravel beats all its counterparts. This owes a lot to the cashing system Laravel is infused with. The file cache drawer is responsible for storing multiple cached items in the file systems. Using these, you can promptly develop your web application.

In the rigid market today, having an idea is only the stepping stone. In just a single moment, your competitors can launch a website and pull a massive section of the market away from your business. This is exactly why you need to develop quicker than your competitors. However, this does not mean you fail to provide the dynamic user experience; a quick turnaround time must offer a seamless UX as well. 

Keeping all this in mind, Laravel provides a simplified verification process to the users as well. 

Laravel can provide a high-output authentication process while offering lesser complexity. This is exactly its out of the box configuration aims to offer. It allows control access to the resources, which finally blocks the unauthorized customers from getting their hands on your resources.

Another great thing is the laravel framework allows you to integrate the multilingual feature into your application. Make your project both personal and professional by integrating local and international language into your app to give it a more personalized touch.

A greater advantage of developing such websites is the mass reach-out to numerous markets at the same time. Overall, the final product would be hugely scalable with the support of Laravel. Thus, higher traffic towards your website is bound to come.

Security is the topmost priority: 


If you are developing a website, the security aspect is crucial for you to consider. This is where laravel PHP framework comes to work for you. Laravel provides a higher level of security, and this is especially important for all the e-commerce business owners since most of the data hold valuable monetary-related information. If leaked, it can be disastrous for both the user as well as the application owner. 

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Laravel here is the way you must choose to avoid any kind of security breach or identity theft. The codebase it has is highly secured with minimum to no threats.

Future of Laravel:

Continuing with its own reputation, it has maintained the stature of the most preferred PHP framework as well. The demand for Laravel remains pretty high in terms of web development, all thanks to the simplicity, functionality, and clarity it provides. The developers’ community backed by the developers worldwide make continuous efforts to provide an even better coding experience and minimum development time along with non-redundant code in the app.