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20 AngularJS Development Tools to Dominate 2021

AngularJS Development Tools

Digital transformation has taken over the world for good. More and more companies are getting indulged in the online business to give their brands a competitive edge over their rivals. 

With the wave of modernity, startups, and enterprises, or any other sized business, prefer to opt for high functionality frameworks to develop a powerful web application in a shorter development time. 

And that is possible with one incredible technology- AngularJS. 

Many companies prefer using angular js development tools to build their applications with. If you aim to design your web application dynamically and aesthetically, then there could be nothing better than AngularJS for you. It allows a developer to use the HTML syntax as a template language and spread it to define the app’s components clearly.

Currently, approximately 816,638 active websites use AngularJS in their tech stacks, and adding to these stats are around 2,864,646 websites that have used the technology in the past.

AngularJS is sure a super-smart technology, which is why developers globally have accepted and appreciated it with an open heart and mind with no doubts. 

But have you ever thought about what increases the functionality of AngularJS? 

What has made it so popular that it is loved at such a colossal scale?

Why do developers from every corner of the world have chosen AngularJS?

Why do such established companies owe it to AngularJS? 

Well, all the questions above point to just one factor- something that has got AngularJS the reputation it enjoys, and apart from its flexibility and ease of development, the angularjs tools also enhance its functioning.

Enough beating around the bush; let’s get straight to what you came here for. What are some of the best angularjs tools for testing, app development, IDE editor, text editor, Angular online editor?

The greatest of AngularJS development tools:



Protractor is an end-to-end framework popularly used for testing. It is built over WebDriver JS and can interestingly run various tests on the real browser while maintaining interaction with your application just as a user would. 

The tool is built by a well-known corporation- Google. 

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Features of Protractor:

The tool offers some fantastic features such as: 

  1. Automatic waiting
  2. Functions just with Angular applications
  3. Offers testing just like a user

Around 50 organizations use Protractor as per Stackshare, and the names include Gartner, IWB, and many more. 



Karma is the love of the majority of developers working with AngularJS. It has managed to gain fame in terms of providing a perfect testing environment that allows a developer to test out the application on real devices like phones and tabs, and real browsers. 

Companies hire angular js developers to effectively use Karma for multiple testings such as E2E testing, unit testing, and midway testing. 

Features of Karma:

Some incredible features Karama offers: 

  1. Remote control
  2. Open-source
  3. Test on real devices
  4. Testing framework agnostic
  5. Continuous integration
  6. Easy debugging 

Karma is used by 186 organizations, including some popular ones such as GitLab, Accenture, Typeform. 



Jasmine is a behavior-driven framework used for testing. The best thing about it is that it does not rely on DOM, browsers, or other JavaScript-based frameworks. Thus, it suits really well with any Angular project or other based on JavaScript. The tool can efficiently and automatically recognize and monitor JavaScript frameworks and classes. 

Features of Jasmine:

Jasmine is one of the most excellent angularjs development tools that offer:

  1. Open-sourced nature
  2. SpyOn to fake calls
  3. Used for TDD

It is used by 213 companies, including Walmart, Accenture, and Typeform. 



AngularFire is one hell of a backend development tool used by many developers around the world. Many companies as well prefer to hire full-stack developers to create a solid backend for their applications. It offers flexible APIs and three-way data binding with rapid development capabilities and ease. 

Features of AngularFire:

The features this tool offers are: 

  1. Synchronized real-time binding
  2. Automatic storage of data
  3. It is supported by AngularJS binding for Firebase.



Webstorm provides immense support for JavaScript with a smart Angular editor it offers. Not just JavaScript, this support is extended for other technologies as well, including CSS, HTML and NodeJS, and all their other modern successors. 

The tool offers plenty of modern technologies, which is the primary reason why many developers prefer using it. 

Features it offers:

Webstorm offers various features, such as: 

  1. Easy debugging for JavaScript
  2. Intelligent IDEs
  3. Git support

Around 818 companies use Webstrom, including Accenture, Lyft, and Bepro Company. 


DJangular - AngularJS development tools

When it comes to choosing the most prominent development tool for angularJS, Djangular sure manages to make it to the list. It can be considered as a reusable application that allows smoother app integration with AngularJS. Using this incredible tool, you can create content for AngularJS per application. 

Features offered by Djangular:

Djangular offers various features, including: 

  1. It is a flexible framework that includes components
  2. Offers namespacing of AngularJS contents
  3. Easy setup


MochaJS is indeed a feature-rich framework used to test the codes running in JavaScript. The incredible Angularjs tool can function on NodeJS and the browser. It allows asynchronous testing, which makes it even more flexible and accurate in terms of mapping and reporting. 

Features of Mocha:

MochaJS offers an array of remarkable features, including: 

  1. Asynchronous testing
  2. JavaScript API for testing 
  3. Easy setup 

MochaJS is used by 604 companies, including big ones like Coursera, Accenture, and Asana.

The above presented AngularJS tools were some of the most popular and widely-used in app development and testing. 

However, many other great tools are not as popular as these seven but have the full potential of making it big in the coming time. 

Other powerful tools that are used for Angular development are: 

Angular Kickstart:

Kickstart, as the name signifies, can give a significant boost to your AngularJS development and offers a scalable development system that eases out the entire development process.

Therefore, Angular Kickstart not only speeds up the development process but also makes it easy- the icing on the cake! is one of the most hip-happening tools that introduce mentions and macro widgets with no dependency on jQuery. The tool can be applied directly to any element, and it will accept the scalable input of texts. 


Need a simplified coding option? JSFiddle- an online editing angular tool is here to serve the purpose! You can get your hands on HTML, Angular, and CSS codes together on one single screen. Compared to other online angular editors, this tool is extremely fast in loading speed and very light, thus consumes less memory and power of your device. 

Sublime text:

Wait wait! The name of the best text code editor in town is now revealed- it’s the sublime text! 

It allows developers to edit their code online, eases the development process, and increases its pace exponentially. Therefore, it is a clear choice for most angular developers. 


NG-Inspector is a browser extension that can be used on Chrome and Safari. The tool will add an inspector pane into your browser, therefore, enabling easy development, debugging, and a deeper understanding of the AngularJS application one is building. 

It can easily display and identify every single scope just by utilizing directives and controllers. 

Generator Angular:

Set up your project with sensible defaults with the phenomenal tool- Generator Angular. Many companies prefer to hire full-stack developers to work on their angular project taking full advantage of the remarkable tool. 

It can generate every boilerplate that is needed for you to start your own project. 


This tool is based on HTML5 and is a popular video player for all AngularJS-based applications. Using this extraordinary tool, your developer can easily integrate videos and other multimedia into your application conveniently. Thus it increases the functioning, looks, and usability of your application. 

Angular Seed:

Do you know what a typical angular application needs? Angular Seed! 

It works as a skeleton for your web app. Using the tool, you can easily apply bootstrap to the angular project you are building. Not just that, it also provides a more excellent development environment for the project. 

Code Orchestra: 

Code orchestra is a tool used at the front-end of an application; it is an online editor tool that allows a developer to code live-style. When a code is modified and saved, it can be automatically integrated into the live project if you apply this angularjs tool’s remarkable abilities.

Angular Deck grid:

Get rid of the dependence on visual representation. Angular Deck grid is a lightweight grid specially built for AngularJS. It allows you to shrug off the need to depend on visual representation by using the CSS file to facilitate the same. 

Angular Gettext:

This tool is termed as a super simple translation support tool dedicated to AngularJS. Would you believe that there’s a tool that allows you to type the text in plain English and mark it for translation, and the rest is managed by the tool itself? Well, it’s true with Angular Gettext. 

Angular UI:

The tool offers various UI components and other utility directives that facilitate a faster yet easier Angular app development. It utilized raw directives, including UI-map, UI-router, and UI-calendars rather than using widgets. 


Mean is not specifically a tool; it is an entire tech stack consisting of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. The stack is popularly used by developers worldwide to create dynamic and high-functioning Angular applications with optimum performance capabilities. MEAN is integrated with pre-bundled and configured modules like Passport and Mongoose. 

Parting Thoughts:

Developing a dynamic, beautiful, and high-performing Angular-based application is no more just a “thought,” the powerful tools mentioned above have paved the way for developers to make their dream come true. 

These tools are smart work for your hard work. 

You, too, can easily enjoy the thrill of the digital wave we are all swimming in- just by developing a great application that takes your business to the highest point possible. So what’s the wait? You know the plan, and you know the necessary actions needed. 

Just hire angular js developers and hop on the digital journey for business escalation.